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TicToc Watch Emporium is proud to announce Obaku our latest addition.

Their Story

Obaku, a Danish watch brand dedicated to creating beautiful watch designs.

Amazing high-quality detail at low-priced prices.

The inspiration for the name Obaku comes from the very old Asian Zen especially the way of thinking. Zen encourages us to live in the moment and support the extremely important things in life such as peace. This inspiration combined with the Danish design traditions such as creating simpleclean and timeless designs.

All of the watches are written-on in other words engraved with the name of the designer on the case backsupporting the realness of each design.


Obaku creates timeless design watches inspired by minimalism and simplicity. It might seem difficult to blend traditions that originate thousands of kilometers apart, but thanks to our designers Obaku has created designs where Nordic and Asian design idioms meet.


The Danish design has changed from a basic set of opinions of creating a simple, durable and strong designinto helping lift up the basic standards of living. Through simpleness and ability to do things mixed with important things such as the ability to do thingsclean linesand especially a plain look.

Danish design is known around the world for its focus on functionits simpleness and the high-quality materials often applied.

All Obaku watches are timeless and will stand the test of timeThe designs try to offer affordable yet beautiful materials and out of this world designs such as the Obaku Gran.


Obaku takes its name from a branch of the Zen philosophy that was founded at the foot of Mount Obaku.

Zen focuses on incorporating a total balance in body and mind.

In Asia, Zen philosophies have given rise to natural simplicity such as thoughts and actions.


OBAKU DESIGNER - Christian Mikkelsen

Christian Mikkelsen

One of the main forces behind the Obaku watch collection is the Danish designer Christian Mikkelsen. Christian has been designing watches for more than 15 years. Known for his minimalistic and contemporary designs.

He learned that the beauty of a product comes from the effort and consideration you put into every step of the development. It should bring an emotion that speaks to people and brings out an expression of their personality.

OBAKU DESIGNER - Lau Liengård Ruge

Lau Liengård Ruge

Lau Liengård Ruge has been a key part in creating the brand Obaku. Educated as an industrial designer at the Aarhus School of Architecture in Denmark.

“Being involved in creating Obaku watches is a process that’s both exciting and interesting

Check out www.obaku.com for their full range!

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