Buying For Your Style

Buying For Your Style.

Luxury watches are precisely that luxurious. T-shirts, shorts and flip flops and luxurious don’t match, not even a bit. However, this is, of course, forgetting that many luxury watches would look quite out of place with a tuxedo and are better suited to informal attire. Starting the guide to buying for your style.

There is no firm standard or rule about what you can or can’t wear an extravagance watch with. There are just good and not so good choices to be made. Our tips (and they are just tips) should enable you to pick the ideal dress code to style around your watch, regardless of whether you want your super stylish watch to be the primary concentration of your style.

The Gadget Man

For some men, a definitive luxury is having every one of the devices you could possibly think of on your wrist. From my experience, this is normally the avid Bear Grylls fan. There are huge amounts of clever gadgets available for your every need.

Casio has a scope of extremely techie watches. The G-Shock range demonstrates the time from anyplace around the globe and is both mud and rust proof, just as water-safe for up to 200 meters. This thick, energetic model is perfect for pioneers. It will in this way suit your wild closet superior to your dark tie one! Casio World Time

Bold and Brave

‘Extravagance’ in no way, shape or form must be ‘exhausting’. There are some extremely brilliant and intense plans that will put forth a genuine expression toward the finish of your arm. If it might be that you don’t need anything excessively extraordinary, Timberland and Obaku are definitely strong contenders.

A darker jumper or cardigan would emphasize this pleasantly. Both featuring the dark-colored switch and differentiating the rich blue. In case you’re going more formal, this would obviously coordinate a naval force suit or a darker suit, or it could be the shading sprinkle you have to energize a monochrome outfit.

This one from Timberland has a tasteful, symmetrical face, with a beautiful navy blue glow, while bragging with its leather strap making it truly emerge. This style of the watch looks incredible on the off chance that you are seen at work, in a conference, or anyplace you think you have to look and feel extraordinary.


Well, sports watch could mean a lot of things but these sporty watches are not really dedicated to a certain sport. This is for the fun guy who likes a funky design matched with a few extravagant colors such as lime orange or even yellow. Imaging going to a sports event wearing your favorite rugby jersey, jeans, and your new orange Solomon tackies? Sounds good right? Now try imagining wearing the above Timberland watch, not so fun right? The ideal watch to be wearing without a doubt is Superdry, heck you could even Superdryify yourself and wear a complete Superdry outfit.

I present the Superdry Navigator!¬†What a beaut, it combines a stunning design with some pretty stand out color. Obviously, it’s waterproof and it has a silicone strap making it the perfect casual day out watch. Check out our whole Superdry range.

I’m sure this buying for your style guide has given you some ideas on your next watch purchase. Remember it’s your style!

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