Best Watch Brands

Best Watch Brands

Well here it is, I often get asked which is the best watch brand.

I have looked into the “best” watch brands and found the same brands on different lists. It comes down to the assumption that the most expensive or exclusive is always equivalent to the best or the best, and that is just not the case.

Best is subjective because it depends on what you want a watch to do, besides just tell the time of course. Should the best watch be elegant or robust? I have watches that I would never wear at the beach or rock climbing. To put this into perspective, the two most expensive cars I have ever driven were a Ferrari and a Bentley. They are admittedly very nice cars and brands. Let me just add these weren’t mine.

These cars represent best in class for sports and luxury, however, both are impractical for going off-road or the daily driving to work. To be honest, one of the best cars I have ever driven was a very forgiving Volkswagen Polo. The Polo was the Casio of cars because it was hard, tough and reliable.

I am partial to mechanical movements, yet even with watch winding cabinets the watches gain or lose time and need to be reset. Being lazy, on any given day I will probably be wearing a quartz model for convenience. As a matter of I am wearing a casual Police Epic watch.

There are some questions you need to ask yourself:
Men's Police Watch

Where do I plan to wear my “best” watch?

Does it need to be water resistant to survive a dip in the pool or getting caught in the rain?

Do I want a mechanical watch if so would I be happy with a manual wind or would I prefer an automatic because it is self-winding?

Do I want a quartz timekeeper, if so should it be analog, digital or both, and should I get the option of solar or kinetic charging to extend the battery life?

What kind of warranty and manufacturer should I be looking for?

What will it cost to service the watch once out of warranty?

Watches look great in ad’s or on a computer screen but how will that watch feel and look on my wrist?

What am I willing to spend to get a watch other people say is the best?

Will I still like the watch in 6 months or a year?

Some of the finest watches ever made were handcrafted by George Daniels, the inventor of the coaxial escapement. Daniels’ watches sell at auction for over R16,000,000.00 and routinely command R600,000-800,000.Best Watch Brands

Any top 10 list would have to include watches by a non-Swiss manufacturer like Citizen. There are a number of watchmakers some would consider lower or mid-tier, however, I like them all the same in spite of what someone else thinks. What some watch mavin likes or admires is irrelevant, because their best watch represents their taste, not mine. The following best watch brands list is what is best for me.

Best Watch Brands

Seiko – Makes everything that goes into the construction of their watches.

Casio– Attractive and solidly built.

Tissot– Of the best since 1853.

Fossil– Excellent design & performance.

Omega– Great history, iconic watches, and the company incorporate George Daniels’ coaxial escapement.

Obaku– Excellent finish with stunning Danish design.

Police– Stunning raw finishes.

Bulova– History of innovation and precision with a modern homage to the revered Accutron tuning fork watches.

Citizen– Well made at its price point, reliable and offers a good warranty.

Zenith– Respected make and movement.

It comes down to personal taste. I would rather have a medium rare steak or homemade spaghetti than White Pearl Albino Caviar or Swallow’s Nest Soup. Similarly, I would rather own all of the watches in my top 10 list than a single Patek Philippe Aquanaut 5167 R costing R450,000.00.

My Top 10 Best Watch Brands

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