5 Reasons Why Watches Are Great Gifts.

Why watches make great gifts.

1. It’s a gift never to be forgotten

Inside everyone knows watches make great gifts. But while we’re here let’s go through the top reasons.

I am sure everyone has received a great watch as a gift at some point in their life? Some of us may remember this some might not have the privilege.

Growing up my father was a huge watch collector. At times he had more watches than some of our local jewelry stores. Throughout my childhood and early adulthood, he gave me four watches, two new and two from his collection which even made it more special. When I hold or think of these watches I can remember every detail. I can remember exactly how I felt and how these watches made me feel at different times during my life. This is the number 1 reason watches are great gifts. Check out this beauty! A great gift never to be forgotten Obaku stunner.

Obaku will always be a great gift.

Obaku Men’s Watch.

2. Anyone and everyone deserves one

We have been using watches for over 400 years and I can bet we will be wearing them for the next 200 years. Watches are more important than simple time telling it’s a statement of self-worth. Old, young, gents and the ladies. See our Sissy Boy range to spoil that special lady.

Great Ladies Gift

Sissy Boy Range

3. It’s quite personal

When the festive season starts I always see a ton of posts that go like this “it’s the thought that counts” or “anyone can buy something it takes more time and effort to make something”. So, you’ve decided you want to buy Tom a watch for his birthday, that’s all good and great. You get to the store and see hundred’s of watches, you might even start to panic. At this point, you are reconsidering if you should actually get him a watch. Then all these questions pop-up, does Tom like leather or silver, would he prefer classic or sporty, will he be able to work with this watch, does he already have one like this? That’s why picking out a watch for someone is a lot of thought.

4. No collection can ever be too big

How many watches are enough? No amount will ever be enough as you can wear a different one every day or even two in one day. The biggest car collection is 7000 to put things in perspective.

5. A Watch Is A Practical Gift

All too often we buy or are bought presents that seem like a great idea at first, but in reality, just aren’t very practical in our everyday lives!

A watch, however, will be worn throughout each day, not only to keep track of the time but also to compliment someone’s style.

Practically this should be number 1 why watches are great gifts.

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